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Pimping time [Aug. 30th, 2009|01:46 am]
Digimon Authors - Digimon Fan-Fic and Discussion



Are you tired of all the romance around in the Digimon fandom? Do you tant to have a little more variety in the relationship area? Do you see those good romantic challenges that are inspiring good fanfiction and do you wish that there'd be one for the Friendship area? Well, never fear!

Welcome to the new and improved Digimon Friendship Challenge!

I unfortunately abandoned this community over a year ago because I lost inspiration to continue running it. As a mod, that was very unkind of me, I’m aware of that. I should have made an announcement so no one would have been left hanging. Now though, the passion is back and I promise to be a less secretive mod.

After thinking over things for a bit, there shall changes to how I run these challenges. Here’s what will happen.

1. This community will deal with the universes of Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, and Savers. Each season will include five friendship pairings. Once all of the rounds for one season are completed, we’ll move onto the next season. For example, if five rounds of the Adventure season are complete, we move onto Tamers, then Frontier, then Savers. Then we start all over again.

2. You can sign up for any of them – you aren't required to participate in all of them. If you want to do all of the challenges, then sign up for all of them. If you just want to do one – Tamers, for instance -, then simply sign up for that one. If you desire only certain seasons – like simply Frontier and Savers - , then sign up for those too. During a set you haven’t signed up for, you’re basically free to ignore whatever goes on here until the sets you have signed up for come up. Just check back at the beginning and end of each day so you won’t any new developments. The Adventure set shall begin on October 18th, 2009.

3. Once the pair is announced, you will have two weeks to complete a story centered on the pair. If you can’t complete the story in two weeks, you must request a week extension or you might be disqualified until the next set.

4. Once everyone has posted, you uave a week to read your competitors' stories and vote for the one you like best. This is required. If you are eliminated, you are required to vote in later rounds. Do it honestly and fairly. No secret deals or abstaining or you will be disqualified.

5. You can use original or dub names.

6. If you plagiarize, you will be disqualified. Bashing any character will get you disqualified to. No ifs, ands, or buts.

7. Go over what you wrote and spell check it before you post it. It must be readable.

8. There can be romance, but not for the pair announced for the round. The central characters must have a nonromantic relationship, but any other characters that will appear in your fic are fair game.

9. The story length should be 1,000 words minimum to 10,000 words maximum.

10. Finally, any abuse, rule breaking, or other frowned upon activity will get you disqualified. This is a challenge to test and explore the writing boundaries of those in it and they should be allowed to have fun.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask me. I will answer as soon as I can. So, sign up for the Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, and/or Savers challenges and hopefully we can give this community new life!