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Are you looking for a Digimon-only RPG that is both plot-driven… - Digimon Authors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 24th, 2008|03:08 pm]
Digimon Authors - Digimon Fan-Fic and Discussion



Are you looking for a Digimon-only RPG that is both plot-driven and maintains high standards for IC characters? Look no further, because digi_world is being rebooted this summer! We would love your applications so we can get this awesome game underway!

The Premise

After the Chosen Children managed to restore peace to the Digital World, everything returned to normal. The Digimon population regulated itself naturally, and tranquility returned to the land.

Or so one would think.

Now, Lillithmon and her S.Incorporation are taking things into their own hands to smash the peace and plan a Digimon invasion of both worlds.

Further Explanation

DigiWorld is currently under new management, but everything that has happened so far will stay the same. Digimon have been sighted in the real world by the Chosen Children. The gate between the Digital World and the real world has been malfunctioning - Koushirou deduced that it is acting in a selectively permeable way, allowing Digimon to be transported through without their knowledge, but preventing humans from doing the same. Daisuke and Iori have been reunited with their Digimon under puzzling circumstances and the rest are wondering if their partners will appear in the near future. And behind the scenes, a new group of villains is beginning to brew up trouble. Are all these events connected? Only time will tell.

Once we have everyone, we will continue with the plot. In terms of retconning the year we missed, we are continuing just as we were, assuming it is the same year, and recognizing seasonal changes starting in September. Nothing too tricky!

Available Characters

Kido Jou
Takenouchi Sora
Takaishi Takeru
Hida Iori

Application Process

The application can be found here and any additional information in the profile page of digi_ooc or digi_world. We understand entering a game mid-way through a plot can be confusing, so please don’t hesitate to contact the moderators with any questions or concerns.

Please contact sakusha with any questions!