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Digimon Authors - Digimon Fan-Fic and Discussion
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Digimon Authors - Digimon Fan-Fic and Discussion

Hello, and welcome to Digimon Authors, a community dedicated to discussions regarding Digimon fan-fiction.

The purpose of this community is to provide people in the digimon fandom a place to discuss fan-fiction for the series, both good and bad. You can post about stuff you like in fan-fiction, or post a rant about the more frustrating parts of the fandom, in the vein of fanficrants. You can post about topics relating to all genres of fanfiction, or "workshop" topics in order to help you develop a story. Need some info for a story, you're blanking out on it? Want a beta reader? This is the place to ask!

However, we do have some rules:

1. This is not a place to post completed works. For that, please visit our friends over at digimonfics.

2. No flaming other community members. The only so-called "flaming" is to be directed towards badfic being ranted about.

3. This is not the place to discuss news or developments in the franchise that do NOT relate to fanfiction.

4. No posting of offensive material. If you are discussing issues that deal with mature subject matter, please put it behind an lj-cut.

5. We do not forbid profanity, put please keep it at a moderate level.

Just follow the rules and stay true to the objective of the community, and we'll do just fine!